Hope for when your dreams turn into dust

In March of 2016, almost three years ago, my then-boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me. Within a matter of minutes, I felt my whole world shatter and crumble into pieces.

Pieces is not even an accurate description. The proper description of what my “pieces” were is dust.

You can glue pieces back together. It may look different than before the thing fell apart, but the object can be put back together. Dust on the other hand scatters so finely that it is inevitable that some of it will be swept away by the wind, never to be seen again. There is no way around it, and there is no going back to how it originally was.

I had a plan.

We had plans.

We were going to have the wedding. We were going to have the home. We were going to have the kids. We were going to have the dogs.

And then all of a sudden, I watched as those dreams also turned into dust.

In addition, the break-up caused me to become so depressed that I lost my internship. As a result, my dreams of working at the location I was interning at also turned to dust. With that, where I was going to live after graduate school also was uncertain. Whether I would even graduate from my program was uncertain.

One break-up, but a million little particles of dust that didn’t even resemble the life I once pictured in the slightest.

My life felt like it was in ruins, and I didn’t know if I’d ever recover.

Here’s the thing about dust though: there is no “repairing it,” there is only starting over, and working on building the new.

So that is what I did.

I worked on building the new, and creating a new life that was meaningful to me.

That break-up ended up being one of the worst but best things that ever happened to me.

The biggest reason for that is the fact that I proved to myself I could survive something difficult. I could learn from it, I could grow from it, I could help other people with it, and I could even create a life better than I ever could have imagined.

I don’t know what you are experiencing right now, friend. I don’t know what kind of dust you’re dealing with: the end of a job, relationship, friendship, marriage. What I do know is that you are not alone. I have been there too. Even though right now it feels like your life is in ruins, know that there is hope. If hope is not something you believe you can carry right now, let me show you how light it is compared to the heaviness of the hurt you’ve been carrying.

Travel light, my friend, and you will find that you arrive at your destination a lot sooner than you thought, and trust me, it is going to be even better than your wildest dreams. Just wait and see.

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